The town of Halifax is situated inside the borough of Calderdale, West Yorkshire. The town has a great deal to provide to both its residents and to its visitors. An illustration of a few of the attractions that may be found inside the town of Halifax contains a chaotic night life with lots of restaurants and pubs to choose from. The town is, in addition, home to many famous attractions such as Halifax Piece Hall, that was a fabric hall where the trading of woollen cloth bits was done. The hall is now used as a public market as well as in the winter of 2006-07 it sponsored an outside temp ice-rink.

Halifax is home to your town hall that was built by Charles Barry, who’s also accountable for the building of the Houses of Parliament in 1863. Wainhouse Tower is just another place that Halifax is well known for. This really is a factory chimney which was never used and which dates back to 1871. This chimney is currently topped having an observation platform, which can be reached simply by means of a group of interior spiral staircases.

Halifax is located in the south-eastern corner of the Moorland region known as the South Pennines. It is situated about four miles from the M62 motorway and is close to Huddersfield, Bradford and Rochdale. The town to visibility through the Industrial Revolution and used to be well known for its textile and wool producer.

Possibly one of the very famous things the town of Halifax has done would be to give its name to a bank; Halifax plc, which began in the town as a building society. Now Halifax is a trading name of Bank of Scotland plc, as part of the HBOS Group. Halifax is a twin town with Aachen in Germany along with the A58 has stretch -bound side of the street.

One other attraction of the town is the Square Chapel Centre for Arts. This prominent building offers its crowd dancing music, plays and humor including playing host to many community events.

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Halifax, Nova Scotia offers amazing quality of life in a magnificent setting on the Atlantic Ocean. As Halifax, the area’s economic, cultural, and social capital has all the comforts and conveniences of a sizable city – but using a population of only 380,000, there are fewer big-city problems and a low cost of living. As the greatest city east of Montreal, it’s the regional centre for medical care finance, commercial industry and transportation – and Halifax is also home to six degree-granting many cultures, universities, fine dining, and world class shopping.

It is no wonder that Halifax real estate is doing well! In January 2010, the typical sale price of a home increased by 2% along with the quantity of sales rose by 20% over 2009′s amounts. According to the Royal Bank’s Housing Styles and Affordability Report of November 2009, however, momentum is currently slowing in Halifax, making it a balanced market for both sellers and buyers to work.

Whether you’re seeking to purchase or rent in Halifax, there certainly are a wide range of home options, which range from urban to rural, condominiums to single family detached, offered in a complete array of prices. In line with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the common selling price of houses in Halifax in 2007 was $332,821.00. Due to the affordability of other essentials like food and also these low home costs, the cost of living in Halifax is one of the lowest in the united states. For an extensive listing of houses currently in the marketplace, visit the MLS web site and pick Nova Scotia.

Thinking of renting if Halifax is for you to see? The average monthly rent costs are holding steady at around $700 per month for a self-contained one bedroom apartment including utilities.

It’s possible to savor incredible condominium dwelling in Halifax, also. Now luxurious units in the Bishops Landing development right on the waterfront at the edge in harbour, are going 000, beginning at a huge 1230 up to $1,200, from $459,900 square feet. Southwest Properties is developer and the owner.

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It’s situated about four miles from the M62 motorway and is said to be as much as 200 miles from London but only 65 miles from Liverpool. Halifax has a whole lot on any visitors to the town and offer for the residents. It’s a decent nightlife along with excellent shopping; it has something for all ages and backgrounds therefore it comes as no real surprise that many people are currently choosing Halifax as a prime place by which to re-locate to.

Halifax has the unforgettable significance of the Halifax Building Society and also the town also offers organization with confectionery. That is due to the reality that his wife, Violet and John Mackintosh, started a toffee shop in King Cross Lane in 1890. His son Harold continued the company but took it to the present size and range of confectionery, and John died in 1920 it has today. Their famous brands, including Rolo, Toffee Crisp and Quality Street of chocolate and confectionery aren’t only popular in britain, but around the entire world including the USA. It had been merged with Rowntree Nestle in 1969, which was then bought by Nestle in 1988.

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